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Cottageline is a countrywide association of privately owned or directed local holiday cottage letting agencies offering good quality self-catering properties throughout Great Britain.

Its primary marketing activity is generally restricted to joint advertising through the Cottageline website and other means.

They meet at least twice annually to discuss joint advertising, internet marketing and any common development and ideas. The meeting attendees will consist of business stakeholders only.

To share knowledge and experience gained in the course of running individual agencies with particular regard to booking conditions, cancellation schemes, insurance, complaints procedures and any other matters, which may arise from time to time.

To represent as wide as possible agency coverage of the main holiday regions throughout Great Britain.

To discuss and exchange ideas and methods of advertising, marketing and promotion.

To discuss and agree the implementation of any shared advertising schemes, particularly across the internet.

To promote each other’s agencies.

To offer friendship and support in an atmosphere of trust and to respect the confidentiality of shared information.

Any agency wishing to join Cottageline should be privately and independently owned or directed, with a staffed office in the same geographical area as that served by the agency. Agencies must have been in business for a minimum of 5 years.

Agencies, or new owners of existing member agencies, wishing to apply for membership should be visited and vetted by at least two existing members (the two closest agencies geographically) who will then put forward their recommendation to the rest of the group within two weeks of the visit. Should this recommendation be that the agency is to be invited to join the association, and it is accepted by a minimum of 80% of member agencies (the vote to be organised by the chairman), then the agency in question will be invited to join the next meeting as a new member.

All members should set high standards of acceptance of their properties into their portfolios and through regular inspections, ensure that those high standards are maintained. If properties are not inspected by the tourist board nominated inspectors, the same standards or higher should be applied by agencies to ensure uniformity of standards throughout the association.

All members must attend at least one meeting per year and actively participate in the spirit of Cottageline (referring to the aforementioned atmosphere of friendship, support and trust). All members must also fully participate in the marketing programmes agreed by the group, to include listing on the Cottageline website.

Other decisions on which a vote is required will be carried by a simple majority with the chairperson having the casting vote. Voting will be by those present in person or by proxy in advance to the chairperson.
One vote is to be available to each fee paying member agency, provided that their subscriptions are up-to-date.

Joining fees and contributions fees are TBC.

Alterations to fees may be made within Cottageline at any time and subject to either an agreement with the group or a majority vote.

A member leaving the group at any time and for any reason shall cease to pay the monthly fees from the end of the month of leaving. Any monies previously paid are not refundable to that member and any stake in the website or other marketing programmes will be forefeited. Members leaving shall not normally be liable for any costs incurred by Cottageline going forward unless directly attributable to acts of gross misconduct or negligence by that member.

Should it be decided to dissolve or cease Cottageline for any reason, funds held at the bank plus any revenue from the sale of the database and/or website domains, intellectual rights or any other assets and goodwill shall be equally divided and shared amongst the paid-up members at the time of dissolution or cessation.